AJ: cornered, scared, cashed in by the Hearns


Boxing is all business. Risk reward. You do what makes you the most money in the short and long term.

Made sense to protect AJ for them big paydays and getting that sponsor money

Time to sell him out before he gets beaten by a little fat man again. He is a MASSIVE liability.

Hearn probably thought he missed out on £100m+ when Ruiz beat him, he gets a second chance due to Ruiz being a lazy scrub.

The sad thing is AJ’s mindset also looks finished. AJ from a few years ago would have given Fury a better fight than he will now.

AJ gives everything away with his words, something Fury is VERY astute and aware of.


“I’m a fighting man” – Copying Fury’s words
“t’s not about the opponent – IT’S ABOUT THE BELTS” – LOL
“Fury is ahead of me experience-wise I’ve only been doing this a few years”

I’ve said this before, you get under Fury’s skin by not engaging with him and not taking in anything he says. Be honest & true to yourself.

Wilder took onboard Fury’s words (good and bad) and engaged with him. Build up a facade which Fury literally laughed at.

Wallin didn’t engage with him. Was himself and had NO FEAR.

Russians who don’t speak English wouldn’t engage with him.

Usyk probably wouldn’t engage with him excluding physical banter – Why Usyk is better mentally prepared to fight Fury than AJ.

AJ is going to be light a deer in the headlights. He can’t avoid Fury’s mental & physical games. He’s already been drawn into them.

In boxing the base energy level is normally very disconnected with your opponent, a normal level of respect and you just fight. This can change when there is real “beef” but it normally affects both men equally. (Whyte AJ good example)

Fury changes that energy level to something very different. he draws you in emotionally & he does it equally in a “beef” or “nice guy” type of way. It’s very mind-boggling especially for guys like Wilder & AJ.

Boxing at every level can be just as much mental as it is physical.

You have to be utterly calm and controlled. Totally within yourself.

The absolutely hilarious thing about this is the fact Fury clearly shows signs of bi-polar disorder. He switches between manic and depressive very quickly so you’d expect him to be easily drawn into a state he doesn’t want to be in. When he gets in that ring though everything changes, it’s his home. It’s his place of CALM. When he gets in that ring nobody can beat him. He will find a way to win unless you nail him to the canvas.

Ali was the same but he didn’t have the physical advantages like Fury to overcome men who could outbox him like Frazier.